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integrating evidence based research, knowledge of the human energy-consciousness system, Brennan Integrative Practice, and ancient birth wisdom to holistically care for and fully serve during pregnancy, birth, and beyond.


MA Maternity is a bilingual (se habla español) maternity service provider practicing evidence based support techniques rooted in indigenous ancestral birth wisdom and life-cycle ceremonies.  Ma Maternity also incorporates Brennan Healing Science, an intuitive hands-on energy healing modality and Brennan Integrative Process facilitation, a psychotherapeutic focus on the relationship of mind body and soul. These healing modalities allow for the release of anxieties and fears from the body for full expression of self. This helps in grounding the human energy field into the body for an authentic and embodied experience. Our mission is to create an inclusive and holistic approach for your journey into parenthood. 

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"It is my passion holding space for the unfolding of all stages of parenthood. It is my intention to assist your journey with the highest level of compassion, love, respect, and integrity. Birth is sacred; relations are sacred. I am deeply honored to be on this path with you."

                                                                                                      -Alba Gosalbez

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