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          Alba Gosalbez founded Ma Maternity after spending +10 years immersed in spiritual practice and the healing arts, learning how to heal her own childhood woundsnand birth traumas. Her passion for birth work came before having her children but was fueled during her own traumatic birthing experience. Alba has dedicated her life to serving women and families to her best ability, intuitively reading the Human Energy Field and giving unbiased, evidence based coping techniques. 

        All of these modalities work on grounding, aligning and recharging the Human Energy Field as well as clearing and releasing blocks that inhibit personal growth and development. Pain management during labor is essential. Each client is treated on an individual basis and every journey is tailored to the client.

          Alba comes from a family lineage of medical and intuitive healers, and is honored to be continuing the family tradition of being of service to others on their healing journey.


      My rough beginnings in parenthood and healing journey...   

After having my first home birth plan very unceremoniously destroyed due to misinformation and misguidance, I felt lost and at fault. Spinning into postpartum depression for months, I became overwhelmed with every day tasks. I wasn’t adjusting well to motherhood. Although my son was happy, I wasn’t. Fortunately, a close sister asked if I was depressed. When I burst into tears, I realized I was.  

     Attending Barbara Brennan School of Healing helped me heal by helping bring consciousness to old habitual patterns so they could be met with love and transmuted into healthy patterns. Energy blocks created by this habitual thinking were worked on and removed. The natural home birth of my second baby was an incredibly deep, spiritual experience and brought my birthing journey full circle. Through understanding the dynamics of channelling energy, I have been able to relate and attend to my children on a deeper level. Birth, energy-consciousness and healing and indigenous spirituality have held me through the best and the worst of times. These are my passions, and I am so ready to share them with you.



Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Advanced Studies in Brennan Integrative Process


Barbara Brennan School of Healing 

Bachelor of Science in Brennan Healing Science



Florida International University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology



Reiki I + Reiki II 

Reiki Practitioner



Traditional Doula and Midwifery Arts

Placenta Specialist 



Traditional Doula and Midwifery Arts (continuing education)

Birth Doula



Doulas of North America

Birth Doula



Green Monkey Yoga School

200hr Registered Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Yoga Alliance

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