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Brennan Healing Science practitioners are trained to interact with a client’s energy field in a deeply intuitive way, energetically supporting the client into alignment toward healing, as well as clearing, balancing, and renewing the energy field that supports physical and emotional health. Brennan healing science is a hands-on healing modality.  It works with every aspect of a person’s life to improve the quality of life.

Barbara Brennan School of Healing is the oldest standing energy healing school based in South Florida for over 35 years. Brennan Healing Science is a holistic healing modality based on the Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease. Bioenergetics, core energetics and psychotherapy are all intertwined to encompass the Brennan Healing Science techniques. It is one of the most comprehensive approaches to energy healing and human transformation. 

Barbara Brennan has researched the Human Energy Field for more than 35 years. Barbara is a world-renowned spiritual leader, healer and educator. A pioneer and innovator in the field of energy consciousness, the former NASA physicist dedicated her life to exploring the Human Energy Field and realms of human consciousness. Barbara Brennan’s best-selling books are considered foundational classics in the field of complementary medicine and energy healing.​

Ma Maternity uses the principles and techniques of Brennan Healing Science to bring a holistic approach to pregnancy, birthing, and family development, creating a nurturing and sacred vessel for every event. The integration of energy healing during the birthing journey has been found to be calming, supportive, reassuring and healing. During the postpartum period, energy healing has been shown to speed up healing, reduce pain, ease stress and anxiety, alleviate depression and help ease the transition into parenting. 


each session is 60 min, with the initial session being 90 min.

a session can have a number of different combinations of services together.

*ALL sessions can be done at a distance*


-Chelation: Clearing and charging of the first three levels of the field


-Balance and harmonize the frequency of the body by spinning and charging chakras


-Clear emotional clouds and dense emotions


-Restructure levels of the field


-Clear astral mucus


-Brain Balance


-Spine Clearing


-Spine Restructuring 


-Repair energy leaks


-Organ Restructuring


-Chakra Restructuring


-Connect with and clear astral objects from the field


-Relational Cord Healing


-Time-Capsule Healing


-Hara Healing


-Soulseat Healing (also known as Healing the Shroud)


-Core-Star Healing


-Core-Star Blessing


-Relational Cord Healing


-5th Level Surgery


-Connecting Lines of Light

**I am also trained in traditional Usui Reiki Healing.

for more information on Barbara Brennan and her programs visit:

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