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The postpartum period, also known as the 4th trimester is often forgotten or undervalued. Many mother's express their wish of having had a better understanding of the challenges presented during postpartum. Traditionally, the first 40 days, la cuarentena , are reserved for physical healing and rest, but current research has shown that postpartum period should really be considered the entire first year following the birth. These services ease transition into motherhood with mood and hormone stabilization and physical and energetic support to aid the body in its healing journey

The preparation and dehydration of the placenta for consumption by the mother.


Placenta consumption has been linked to: 

-easier transition into motherhood

-greater ability to maintain positive mood

-more milk production 

-more energy

-hormone regulation


There are two methods of preparation, the Raw Method (raw placenta) and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Method (placenta lightly steamed with warming spices). Both methods require dehydration of placenta for encapsulation.      



Placenta Pills

   -Dehydrated placenta placed in veggie gel capsules.

80-120 pills per placenta. 

Placenta Tincture.

   -Quarter sized piece of placenta placed in high proof gin. Allows preservation of medicinal properties of placenta for an extended period of time.

Placenta Print.

   -Watercolor paper pressed up against placenta creating a

   print on the paper.  

Umbilical Cord Art 

   -Umbilical cord is shaped to look like a heart, a spiral, a celtic knot, "Love" or dreamcatcher. 

Placenta Broth

(only included with TCM method, complementary)

   -Spicey placenta broth left over from steaming preparation.

   *Has a strong ginger taste and goes well in teas or soups.

A tradition originating in Malaysia, a mother is wrapped in a very long cloth after an oil infused with herbs is massaged onto the belly. This technique allows for drainage of any excess water and provides support to the skin, muscles and surrounding organs as they travel back to their initial state. Also helps in mother's postural support.


-The bellybinding cloth

-One medicine cover

-One warming oil

-60 min private binding class

A traditional postpartum practice from Mexico, the "closing ceremony" is performed for the mother during the 40 day rest period, or la cuarentena. This ceremony offers closure to the cycle of pregnancy and birth ceremony and allows mother to come into her new motherhood.  Mother is given space to expresses anything unresolved from pregnancy and birth. After, she is bathed, cleansed, has her chakras aligned, and her birthing bones are encouraged in their closing process with the rebozo.


-One herbal salt bath mix

-Energetic closing  with rebozo

-Brennan Healing Science session 

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